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Mind Your OT Business

Feb 19, 2021

All of us have limiting beliefs about ourselves, businesses and our lives. Limiting beliefs are part of being human. However, if we can tap into our intuition and shift our mindset, we can embrace the role of CEO in our businesses. 

My guest on this episode, Landy Peek of Best Birth Healing. Landy is a women’s health...

Feb 12, 2021

Do you struggle with negative thoughts about yourself? With anxiety, fear or insecurity about your work as an OT entrepreneur? My guess is that you probably answered yes to those questions because the truth is: we all face this.

My guest on this episode, Carlyn Neek brought so many helpful tips. Carlyn is an OT and...

Feb 5, 2021

Do fears ever hold you back in your business? If so, you HAVE to listen to this episode where I am sharing my 5 tips for overcoming your fears as an OT entrepreneur. You’ll also hear a personal story about a time when I got stuck by fear and why you shouldn’t let fear hold you back. 

I discuss:

  • A story about when I...